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The Sound Box extends its remote mixing service to cater to clients who are unable to physically visit our studio or have songs already in our system awaiting completion. Whether you possess a home recording setup and require our mixing expertise or simply can't make it to our studio, we're here to help! This service offers the chance to have your songs professionally mixed by our dedicated remote mixing engineers, guaranteeing your tracks are primed for widespread distribution. (Does not include Mastering) 


The instructions for this service will be emailed to you upon purchase.

Service Includes:
1. Mix of the song

2. 3 Free revisions ($25/Additional)

Standard Mixing Service

  • I understand that upon purchasing this service and paying the associated fees, it is my responsibility to send The Sound Box Recording Studio my songs stems/email in the requested format detailed in the pdf document you recieve via email. Not adhering to this requirement could potentially lead to the rejection of your remote mixing service and a refund.

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