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The Bridge

The Bridge is our main room. In here we are able to handle every service we have to offer, with the exception of podcasts. This room is where our 2 head engineers primarily work out of.

 (Rich and J. Limm) .

All mixing or mastering is done in this room, as it is treated acoustically and outfitted with more powerful hardware and software. Including 3: UA Apollo x8p's and the UAD-2 Satellite, the Dangerous D-Box, and Neve Portico II Master Buss Processor to name a few.

We are able to simultaneously run up to 24 mic/line inputs from any of our performance rooms. Utilizing Universal Audio's Unison Mic Pre technology, you can choose any combination of Neve 1073 Channel Strips, SSL E Channel Strip's, Avalon VT-737sp Channel Strips and more.



Don't let the name confuse you, it was honestly a joke that stuck. StudioFive is what used to be our main room years ago. When we moved everything over to The Bridge, this room acted as another performance space for a few years. In the spring of 2022 we built it out as what would initially be our "Production Room" for us and YellaBro Ent. to produce and write original music. That is still the case, however we also decided that to better serve our clientele, we needed to add another control room for recording purposes. In here we are able to handle everything from recording, and editing with a pre mix for you to take home. This will then be given to you in two ways, one that you can take to another studio to have mixed, or you book a session in The Bridge at a later date where one of our 2 head engineers can mix/master it for you.

 (Rich or J. Limm) .

This room has all of the same software as The Bridge, and is outfitted with a UA Apollo Twin Duo, and the UAD-2 Satellite, as well as the Audient ASP 880 mic pre's. 

We are able to simultaneously run up to 12 mic/line inputs from any of our performance rooms. Utilizing 4 UA Unison Mic Pre's, as well as the outboard pre's in the Audient.

The Sound Lounge

The Sound Lounge is our one of a kind podcast recording facility. In here you can rent out the room for any amount of time you choose. Bring in some friends, or interesting people to interview. Record your very own show just like Joe Rogan, we help you edit, and post it online for the world to hear. Not only can you do an audio podcast, you can also stream it live to Facebook, Twitch, or TikTok, you can also record it to release on Youtube! 


In this room we have the new Rodecaster Pro 2 device, 4 Rode Pod Microphones, and 4 sets of headphones. It is designed to look like a bar, and that means if youre of age, you can bring in your own beverages and relax in the comfort of our bar style podcast room.  

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