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mastering is the final step in the music production process, where an experienced engineer optimizes and enhances the overall audio quality of a song. this process involves refining the clarity, balance, and consistency of the audio, making sure it sounds its best on various playback systems. mastering also involves adding final touches like equalization, compression, and limiting to achieve a polished and professional sound. the goal of mastering is to ensure that the song is ready for distribution, whether it's played on radio, streaming platforms, or other media, so it sounds its best to the audience.


The instructions for this service will be emailed to you upon purchase.

Service Includes:

1. Mastered Song

2. 3 Free revisions ($25/Additional)

Mastering Service

  • I understand that upon purchasing this service and paying the associated fees, it is my responsibility to send The Sound Box Recording Studio my songs stems/email in the requested format detailed in the pdf document you recieve via email. Not adhering to this requirement could potentially lead to the rejection of your remote mixing service and a refund.

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