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Rich Shultz (Slick)

Head Engineer

Richard Shultz, better known as Slick, is a talented engineer, producer, and mixer. He first discovered his love for beat-making and recording while playing around with the Sony PlayStation “MTV Music Generator” back in 1999. From there, he started a project recording studio in his mother's attic and began building a record label under the name “O.T.T. Records”.

With his passion for audio engineering growing stronger, Richard decided to attend The Institute of Production and Recording from 2009 to 2011. During his time in college, he received an AAS Degree in Audio Production, Engineering, and Post Production, and became Pro Tools Operator Certified. Richard focused his studies on recording, mixing and mastering music, learning from notable industry figures like Steve Hodge, Kevin Bowe, Dick Shopteau, Walter Chancellor, Jr., and Andrew Lucas.

Richard's recording and mixing talents quickly gained recognition, and he went on to produce, record, and mix projects for various local, regional, and nationally-known artists such as Mod Sun, B-Rolla, Joe B., Wah Wah Wattson, Dj500Benz, Phoenix the Misfit, and more.

In 2015, Richard's success and increasing demand for his services led him to open The Sound Box Recording Studio, which has since become a go-to destination for artists across all genres of music. With well over 100 artists under his belt and experience in sound engineering for film and TV, Slick is highly regarded in the industry as a skilled head engineer and producer.


Rich Shultz (Slick)
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