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Rich Shultz (Slick)

Head Engineer

In 1999, Richard Shultz started migrating his musical talents he learned being a saxophone player toward production and recording. His love for beat making and production came when he was introduced to the Sony PlayStation program “MTV Music Generator." This program opened his eyes to the vast world of production and recording. He then started a project recording studio in his attic of his mothers house and began organizing a record label under the name “O.T.T. Records."

Richard is Pro Tools operator certified and holds a recording engineering degree from The Institute of Production and Recording. While in college he was honored to be able hone his talents learning from the likes of  Steve HodgeKevin Bowe , Dick Shopteau, Walter Chancellor, Jr. and Andrew Lucas. Richard has produced, recorded and mixed projects for various local, regional and some nationally known artist like Modsun, B-Rolla, Joe B., Wah Wah Wattson, Dj500Benz, Phoenix the Misfit ect…

Richard enjoying his success in his attic recording studio inevitably started to annoy his family, his “home studio” was no longer adequate. This led to him opening The Sound Box Recording Studio.


Rich Shultz (Slick)
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