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Jon Limmer (J. Limm)

Head Engineer

From 2009-2011 Jon attended The Institution of Production and Recording (Minneapolis, MN). He graduated with an Associates in Applied Science: Emphasis in Media Arts Audio Production, Audio Engineering, and Audio Post Production. Jon has been recording music professionally since 2010. Proficiency: Professional audio recording. Music Production. Sound for film, television, radio. Audio post production. Music mastering. Other services: Music Distribution. Website development.  

  • The Sound Box  in Cedar Rapids : 2016-Present

  • Recording Engineer: 2006-Present 

  • Music Producer: 2006-Present 

  • Songwriter: 2009-Present 

  • First Production software: PCdj Record Producer 

  • First DAW: Sony Acid 6.0

  • Certified in ProTools and Apple Logic.

Contact: Jon Limmer 


Lead Audio Engineer for The Sound Box Recording Studio. Serving Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, Des Moines and surrounding areas. 



Jon Limmer (J. Limm)
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