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Mixing & Mastering

While all of our hourly options include mixing and mastering, this is for the artists/bands that have done their recording elsewhere, or mixed the song themselves. If you have a mix, we can master it to industry standards and provide what you see below. If it isn't mixed yet, we can take on the task and show you why we won the Iowa Music Award for Best Studio 2022!


Offsite Mixing

This is currently something we are trying to establish a pricing structure that makes sense. If you have questions, please hit the contact us option and we can discuss your project(s).

Premium Mastering Service

Get what every artist needs out of a final master of your song('s).

Included with "The Artist" Subscription!

Master for Streaming

Streaming Services have specific requirements that must be met to ensure the best listening experience for the end user. We will make sure your song meets those standards.

Master for Physical Distribution

We understand that CD's may be a thing of the past, but we give you a louder version of the song if you plan to have CD's or Vinyl made. This is due to the loudness standards not being as strict as streaming platforms.

Instrumental & Acapella

If you take your craft seriously, and are set up to have your music published for commercials, movies, TV, etc. You will want these 2 items to give them more flexibility.

Performance Track

Radio Friendly

Multiple Formats

These are great for live performances, where artists do not have a band to back them. A performance track will give your audience a more polished experience. 

We know you want to have your song played on the radio or another platform that may require you to have a non-explicit version. We will take all of the f%^%# and s#!% out for you!

For each of the files you receive, there will be both WAV and Mp3 versions. The WAV being for distribution. And the Mp3 for easy sharing.